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Ep34 - The Wisdom Of Lise Cartwright, Aaron Walker, Stephen Key, Robert Morales, And Mitche Graf

January 3, 2022

Episode Thirty Four Features My First 5 Guests Imparting Wisdom and What They Have Learned

My Key Takeaways:

I was extremely lucky to get the following guests as my first five interviews:  

Lise Cartwright - Human Design and Kindle Publishing

Aaron Walker - Christian Masterminds

Stephen Key - Product Design and inventRight

Robert Morales - Traveling Robert of YouTube

Mitche Graf - 6 Star Customer Service


In this episode:

  • Lise Cartwright talks about overcoming the urge to over complicate her business.
  • Lise Cartwright shares the mindfulness technique that she uses and how she applies it to her life and business.
  • Aaron Walker shares the saying that his Mom taught him early on.
  • Aaron Walker espouse that everything is figure-out-able.
  • Aaron Walker explains the meaning behind the name of his Mastermind, Iron Sharpens Iron and its relationship to the Bible.
  • Aaron Walker shares why he thinks Masterminds can help us and why he thinks that we are designed to be in community with one another.
  • Stephen Key related a story about how he didn't know how to create a pattern but soon learned reinforcing the idea that everything is figure-out-able.
  • Stephen Key shares the story of how Teddy Ruxpin got clothes and what that meant for Worlds Of Wonder's bottom line.
  • Stephen Key shared the advice that his Dad gave him and how he applied it.
  • Stephen Key talks about what the word failure means to him.
  • Robert Morales discusses how an author that died over a century ago still influences him today.
  • Robert Morales shares how much effort he puts in to each video to make them look amazing.
  • Robert Morales went on to share how he monetizes each video on YouTube.
  • Robert Morales encourages us that it is never to late to find your passion and to start pursuing it.
  • Mitche Graf shares his definition of Work-Life balance.
  • Mitche Graf goes on to discuss how he learned to brand at an early age and how we can use it to differentiate ourselves from competitors.
  • Mitche Graf reminds us to spend money on things that will improve the customer experience and not extraneous stuff that we might think that we need.

To learn more about each guest, please check out my first 5 episodes on Entrepreneurs Over 40.  

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